Hot Stuff – Issue 1 | July 2016

Resorting a traditional fireplace can be very rewarding ensuring years of pleasure while reinvesting in the value of your home.

This months featured install is a traditional Cottage in New Farm, Brisbane, once had exposed bricks around the fireplace plus an old Mantel and it still worked. The owners had a choice to convert the wood fireplace to a gas fireplace or maintain the wood fireplace and make it more efficient.

It’s always beneficial to get the correct advice and the full range of options available to you. It is possible to change a wood fireplace to a gas fire (decorative or convection heat), consideration need to be given to is possible to connect to natural gas or bottle gas. If you have natural gas in the street the operating cost can be up to half the value, however the cost to connect from the street could be exorbitant which will make bottle gas attractive.

Termination on top of the chimney will need to compile to Australian standards, flues are required within the chimney. Another option would be to maintain the wood fireplace but make it more efficient, the old style fireplaces may have generated up to 5 times less heat into the room and used twice as much wood for the pleasure of keeping warm. By adding a Firebox, Gather, Flues, Termination and sealing gaps you will have not only a great looking fireplace but an efficient one. Once you have decided with type of fireplace you would like the rest of the components needed will be automatically determine.

The last step is about the look of the fireplace, keeping with the prior of the house is always a safe way to go, the Mantel can be finish in wood, ‘2 Pac’, Sandstone, Marble or Granite. The existing Hearth may remain as long has it complies the standards in the size, the cheapest way is to tile the surface with  period tile, or you can get a Granite, Sandstone or Marble finish…. ask us how today


Fireplace Before -


Fireplace 1


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