Hot Stuff – Issue 2 | July 2016

How Many Sides To A Fireplace?

You may be thinking of an standard single sided firebox, however today’s modern designs allow you to maximise the view of the fireplace from a number of positions in the house.

Why would you consider a Fireplace in Queensland in the first place?

The National Centre of Real Estate Research states, 6-12% increase in the value of the house is very possible. It’s also inexpensive to operate, 27.000 BTUS/HR will cost less than 0.9 cents per hour depending on the type of gas.

From the start of dawn open fireplaces have inherently created a calming effect, setting a relaxing scene and adds a desirability to the house.
If you wish to view the fireplace from a distance and on the side, you could select fireplace ‘A’ and ‘B’. Being positioned in the centre of the room always adds high impact, fireplaces ‘C’ & ‘D’ would work very well. The aim is to have as much viewing space to see the flames. You can get higher glass panels on 4 sides or just 1 side, see fireplace ‘D’. The wall design and finishes are endless, we can assist you with your design needs and coordinate the installation…. We do not just sell you a Fireplace and expect you to work it out yourself.
Fireplace ‘A’:

Real Flame Hybrid

Fireplace ‘B’:

Real Flame Pure Vision

Fireplace ‘C’:


Fireplace ‘D’:


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