Helios is one of many modern door intercom systems with a perfect design and features that you won’t find on every door.

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Intercoms are a communication system supporting both voice and video transmission. If you don’t want to use a key to enter your home, you don’t have to! You can open the door by entering a code, swiping a card or even remotely from your desk or mobile phone.

Intercoms provide you with reliable service at home as well as in a company environment or big office complex. 2N® Helios is made on a modular basis and it can be expanded to incorporate up to 54 pushbuttons.

Accessories include a camera, card reader or attendance system and there are versions with or without a keypad. The intercom is connected to a SIP Server which can route the call from the gate station to any internal handset, or a mobile device like a iPhone, iPad or Android device. Calls can be routed on a internal or external network as well as out to a landline or mobile phone.

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