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Smart Home Technology | Managed Wi-Fi & Networking

When building or renovating a home it is important to remember that things are very different with technology to what they used to be. Our smartphone has become a tool that we use in almost every aspect of our lives. Everything from the family calendar, keeping in touch with friends working at home and still being connected to work to controlling our brand new Smart TV.

Technology advancements have made us very dependent on smart phones and tablets but we forget how important it is for these devices to be connected to the internet and each other. Having a managed Wi-Fi system in your home could be the best investment you ever make. We will ensure that every corner of your home as Wi-Fi coverage, we will ensure that the Wi-Fi is monitored 24/7 for interference and dropouts and we will ensure that you never ever scream “the bloody Wi-Fi isn’t working” ever again.

As our technology hunger grows so will the amount of wireless devices in our homes. This is a big problem without a managed Wi-Fi system, the reason for this is because the standard provided modem/router that we all receive when signing up a new internet account was only ever designed to handle around 7-10 connected devices. Every device that is connected to your Wi-Fi reduces the available speed to each device. Installing a managed Wi-Fi system will mean you have multiple access points around the home that are smart enough to know where each device is and automatically move devices to different access points if 1 is being over crowded.

Managed Wi-Fi Monitoring:

Our Wi-Fi monitoring is extremely powerful and available 24 hours a day. If you choose you can have access to the interface also which means, you can schedule your Wi-Fi for the kids so at bedtime it automatically turns off or give access to guests so they can’t access files on your personal computer etc.

On top of this we can see how much data each user is using which means if you are wondering where all the data is going we can easily check where, when and by who.

Not only can we manage your Wi-Fi but we manage your whole wired and wireless network. This gives us insane flexibility with managing large complex networks but also gives us great visibility over any size network.

This all sounds expensive:

It does sound expensive and up until a few years ago it was. We use the Ubiquiti range of products and for as little as $500 installed you can have a Unifi Access Point installed & commissioned. For an average home you will usually require 2 or more access points. Depending on other requirements you may need a USG Router and/or a Unifi network switch. To be safe it’s best to speak with our experienced system designers that can ensure you have the best Wi-Fi and network possible.

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