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Networking & Wi-Fi Solutions

Digital Residence can expertly design, install and manage your home network to ensure 100% Wi-Fi coverage and the fastest, most reliable connections for your connected devices.


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Internet is an essential service for any home. Like plumbing and electrical, consideration must be given to how you use your home now and make allowances for future use. With the NBN rolling out around Australia our internet delivery speeds are increasing, however this requires greater home infrastructure to deliver the speeds throughout your home. We are streaming more data than ever over the internet (think Netflix, YouTube, Spotify) and it’s only going to increase as we move towards higher quality audio and video online. Add to this mix the added network traffic of Smart Home devices and you quickly hit the limits of a DIY network solution. 

Think of your home network as a freeway. With traffic increasing more and more every day you need to allow for wider lanes and more of them. Without this consideration you can get traffic congestion (otherwise known as the dreaded buffering) or outages.


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Our professionally installed solutions will ensure your buffering frustrations are a thing of the past. As part of our support promise, all our systems are remotely managed. We automatically manage your network 24/7 so any issues can be fixed as quickly as possible.

With automatic software updates, you can be guaranteed your Wi-Fi will work when you need it.

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